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Do I actually need to defrost a refrigerator equipped with the No Frost system?

Well, if your fridge has the No Frost system (which means “no frosting”), no frost will form on the inside working surface. If no frost is forming, why would you subject your fridge to frequent manual defrosting? In fact, frost will still form, but the heating element contributes to its melting due to water flows created in the reservoir, from where it evaporates. Of course, the refrigerator does not need this defrosting, but it should be cleaned to prevent the formation of an unpleasant odor.

There is another reason why a refrigerator with a No Frost system does not need frequent defrosting. While a regular refrigerator defrosts within 2 hours, a refrigerator equipped with a No Frost system requires at least a day to defrost completely. The technical design of the refrigerator is much more severe, and it is simply not designed for frequent manual defrosting. On the market, you can find a model equipped with the so-called “full no-frost” system. Presumably, the absence of antifreeze occurs in the freezer compartment as well.

How do I defrost my refrigerator?

For owners of refrigerators lacking a frost prevention system, defrosting is a necessary procedure. How often should you defrost your refrigerator? Some believe that this procedure should be done every three months, some resort to it every six months. The answer to the question of how often to defrost a refrigerator depends on the rate of snow accumulation on the surfaces, and it varies from refrigerator to refrigerator, and even refrigeration equipment of the same brand owned by different owners differs. As soon as the frost builds up to 6 cm, the refrigerator should be defrosted and cleaned. The rate at which frost builds up depends on the following factors:

Frequency of opening the refrigerator. The more often the refrigerator door is opened, the more air gets in, which in the kitchen is usually saturated with water molecules, meaning it is “humid.” The moisture inside the freezer, turns into crystals, flakes that form a new thin layer of snow.

Improper defrosting. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that it is necessary to defrost the fridge properly, but the further satisfactory operation depends on this seemingly simple procedure.

It is necessary to get rid of perishable food, refrigerators will not be able to work less than 24 hours. After the refrigerator is unplugged, and all accumulated in it frost has thawed, the manual defrosting of refrigerators must be thoroughly wiped all surfaces, so that there is no moisture left on them. This usually accomplishes a complete defrosting and charging of all foods. With this approach, a layer of snow will form on the surface of the refrigerator within a few months. To prevent frost from growing quickly, the refrigerator should be left for at least 24 hours, otherwise it will not have time to dry well. Only after this thorough “drying out” can it be returned to the refrigerator for use again.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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