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Today, the manufacturer offers its customers refrigerators with the “No Frost” system, which simplifies the defrosting process, but it is still needed.


In such refrigerators defrosting is as follows:


– Disconnect the appliance from the electricity

– Take out all the products that are in the refrigerator

– Prepare a weak soda solution and use it to carefully remove food debris and crumbs

– Wipe everything with a dry washcloth and then start the refrigerator in operation


When the refrigerator has been working for several hours, you can return the products to the shelves.


There are also those users who have a refrigerator with a drip defrosting system in the kitchen. Such a refrigerator has a slightly different defrosting principle:


– Turn off the power of the refrigerator

– Take out all the food from the refrigerator


You need to wait for some time until all the ice melts. In the process of melting ice, you should monitor the appearance of water, and periodically remove it


As soon as all the ice melts, wash the refrigerator well, wipe it with a dry cloth, and put it into operation


After the refrigerator has reached the desired temperature, put all the products back.


The refrigerator with the “No Frost” system differs from the refrigerator with drip defrosting in that it does not need to wait half a day until all the ice melts. Accordingly, the products do not need to think about how to keep fresh, especially if defrosting the refrigerator falls in the summer. When it comes to the drip defrosting system, you need to prepare special thermal bags in advance to keep all the products in good condition. Actually, this is the difference between these models.


Those who have a two-compressor refrigerator need to defrost it in two stages, first the refrigerator and then the freezer. Such a refrigerator has its advantages because while the refrigerator is defrosting in the freezer, you can reduce the temperature and put food there, and vice versa.




The main reason that the ice coat increases in the refrigerator are the ingress of warm air into the refrigerator. It is difficult to avoid this completely because the refrigerator is opened not once or twice a day. The formation of an ice coat not only interferes with the free placement of products but also adversely affects the operation of the compressor, because the load will be on it is large, it will lead to high electricity consumption, which is not particularly useful to the user. If the refrigerator works like this constantly, it will not last long.




Very often users want to speed up the defrosting process and for this, they use all possible improvised means, for example, a hairdryer, a knife, an electric heater, and so on. But, the use of all this can give a disastrous result in the end. So, for example, a knife can damage the tightness of the walls of the refrigerator, the heater can flood with water from the rapid thawing of ice, close the heater, and so on. Therefore, in no case do not recommend using improvised devices to speed up the process of defrosting the refrigerator. Do not poke anything with a knife, for this, there are special blades with a rubberized tips, like those that remove frost from car windows. But, even with such a spatula, only melted ice can be removed.




Before defrosting the freezer, it is necessary to completely free it from the products. This moment is ideal for organizing a delicious holiday for your friends and family. Or maybe you have a friendly neighbor willing to give you some free space for your food in his freezer. You can also wrap the food in newspapers and store it in a cold place or leave it in containers removed from the freezer with ice packs, which will reduce the thawing speed.


A simple tip: defrost your freezer in winter (a day with sub-zero temperatures is ideal), as the low temperature will preserve the food and make the whole defrosting process efficient and simple. If your appliance is equipped with the SuperFrost function, activate it 24 hours before defrosting. This will lower the temperature from the usual -18 C to -32 C, deeply chill the food and prevent it from thawing too quickly, and give you more time to defrost the freezer.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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