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Rarely today you can find a kitchen without a microwave oven. This convenient in-use household appliance is tried to install in the room even in the smallest dimensions. Moreover, the place chosen for the oven should be such that it can bea freely used at any time. The optimal place to place the microwave in the kitchen is considered it’s mounting on the wall.


How to choose a place on the wall


Whatever the size of the kitchen, its walls should always be used for maximum benefit. Therefore, among the hinged cabinets, decorative elements, hoods, and other accessories, it is worth finding a place for the microwave oven.


Rules for fixing the microwave on the wall


The optimal height for the installation of the microwave oven is the height at which there is no need to bend or pull your hand to its door. Placing it at eye level you can safely perform the heating or cooking, but also control the process by observing it. Access to the oven should be free. It is easier to cook, heat food, and wash the device itself. Not a bad option for installing a microwave oven that can be placed above a floor cabinet or small height appliances (freezer, washing machine).


Choose brackets for the microwave that are designed for its weight. You can look in stores brackets suitable for your model of the oven, then you can not doubt that they will withstand the weight of the device, because the manufacturers of microwave ovens produce all the components according to the range of manufactured appliances, then in this case, its mounts will fully comply with the required size.


Options for placing the microwave on the wall of a small kitchen


Unfortunately, most kitchens of apartment buildings can not boast of their large space. Therefore, when planning the kitchen, the owners of the apartment have to show great ingenuity to fit all the necessary appliances in its few squares. In such a kitchen, the best option for the installation of the microwave will be its fixation on the wall. This can be done by:


– By building it into the kitchen unit;

– By fixing it in a corner;

– By placing the microwave above the countertop of a floor cabinet.


It happens that after the installation of the kitchen set near the window opening, there is space in which the additional cabinet does not fit. This distance may well try to fill the microwave oven.


Can the microwave oven be placed over the gas stove or next to the sink?


Wanting to use all the surfaces of the kitchen to the maximum, some homeowners neglect basic safety rules. Installing a microwave directly above the cooktop or gas stove is not only unsafe but will also lead to a fairly rapid failure of the device, due to the high humidity of this area and its high temperature.


It is also worth placing the microwave away from the sink – so splashing water will not have a detrimental effect on it due to rusting of the body and loss of its original appearance.


How to hang the microwave oven on brackets


Not every shelf can withstand the weight of the microwave oven, so it is easier and safer to place it on brackets, specially designed for this purpose and overlays that prevent it from slipping.


How to choose the right bracket model


Selecting a bracket, you should pay special attention to its fasteners. They should not only cope with the pressure of the weight of a heavy device on them every day but also distribute the load evenly, fixing it firmly to the wall. The mounting kit includes:


– L-shaped fasteners;

– anti-slip pads with adhesive base;

– end caps.


Different types of brackets differ from each other in the presence or absence of a retractable part and the maximum permissible weight they can bear.


Brackets can vary in color, which makes it possible to choose the shade that best suits the overall interior of the kitchen. When buying brackets, it is recommended to choose a model that can withstand a load of up to seventy kilograms, then there will be no doubt that it will cope with the weight of your stove.


If the microwave is installed in a corner, you will need to buy an additional shelf.


Step-by-step instructions on how to hang a microwave on the wall


To hang the brackets on the wall and place the microwave oven on them is easy enough. The main thing is to prepare in advance all the tools you may need for this. You will need:


  1. drill – to drill the wall;
  2. drills – they should be selected based on the material of which the kitchen walls are erected;
  3. Screws or self-tapping screws are needed to fix the brackets to the wall. As a rule, they come in a set together with the brackets;
  4. level;
  5. A screwdriver or screwdriver with a Phillips’s head;
  6. A well-sharpened pencil;
  7. a tape measure or a meter ruler.


If the walls in your kitchen are aligned with GFB sheets, you should additionally prepare anchors and dowels suitable for fixing on this material.


When all the preparations are completed, you can start hanging the microwave:


  1. We choose a place to place the microwave oven and mark its length on it.
  2. Choose a suitable height and mark the place where the brackets are attached to the wall.
  3. Using a level, check how evenly the marks were applied. Using a level, check how even the marks are. We set a drill with the same diameter as the dowel. Drill four holes, according to the marks on the wall.
  4. Insert the appropriate self-tapping screws into the holes. The screws should go into the holes firmly, requiring a small amount of effort on your part. Fix the brackets, using a screwdriver or a Phillips screwdriver for this purpose.
  5. Check their level again. Everything should be level.
  6. If the model of brackets you have chosen does not have anti-slip pads, you will have to glue them yourself.
  7. Finally install the plugs.
  8. Now you can put your microwave oven on the brackets.


Undoubtedly, where to install the microwave in the kitchen is up to you, but mounting it on the wall will not only greatly save space, but also help to use this device as safely as possible.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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