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Buying appliances in the store is impossible to do without arranging their delivery. Heavy and bulky it does not fit in a car, here you need a truck. During transportation, damage to the product is possible, so the manufacturers, packaging the goods, be sure to fix it securely. For this purpose, special transport bolts are used on the washing machine, which is removed during installation.


Reference! At the factory of the manufacturer, any household appliances are necessarily equipped with transport fasteners. It is usually installed when packing.


What are the shipping fasteners for?


The design of the washing machine includes a metal drum, which does not have a tight attachment. It freely swings in the body of the machine. This constructive solution allows washing in different modes. But the transportation of such a unit always causes difficulties. After all, if the washing machine begins to shake violently when transporting its drum can damage the walls of the case, especially if it is made of plastic.


This problem of transportation is solved with the help of special transportation bolts that have a hexagonal head with a pair of washers. These parts firmly fix the internal parts of the product and save it from breakage.


The standard diameter does not exceed 12-14 mm. There are models where the fixation is carried out by 10 mm fixing bolts. A rubber washer is in contact with the body, a steel washer serves to create a tight attachment. The body of the screw hides a special cylinder made of dense polymer. It fills the small gap between the internal parts of the machine and its body, tightly fixing the parts.


Where are the fasteners and how to remove them


Some models of washing machines (LG) are distinguished by front loading. Their transport screws are always located on the back panel. Fasteners of machines with vertical loading (Whirlpool) are located at the top or back. The kit includes 4-6 parts.


To remove the screws after transportation, it is necessary to perform several actions in a certain sequence:


  1. Use a wrench to loosen the fasteners. It is included in the set of several products: Bosch, LG. Bolts are turned in the opposite direction, clockwise rotation, and a small amount of force is applied.


  1. The screw is pushed in until it stops, about 20 mm.


  1. Then the plastic cylinder and the rubber washer are pulled out, and the screws remain in place.


  1. the screws are removed.


  1. The holes formed are closed with the plastic plugs supplied with the washing machine. These simple details protect the internal area of the product from the entry of various debris, dust, and moisture.


Useful to know! The key can be replaced with pliers. It is impossible to do such a job with a screwdriver.


What happens if the bolts are not unscrewed


Sometimes customers are in such a hurry to start using the machine that they forget about the fasteners. They just leave it in the case. This should not be done. Such bolts can cause serious damage, and the machine can completely lose its performance.


Very important! It is categorically forbidden to work on the washing machine with the remaining fasteners!


For normal operation, the drum is attached to the tank with special shock absorbers. The remaining transport fasteners will start to clamp the drum. As a result, the bolts will start to deform the tank, hitting it during operation.


When the machine is running, the engine parts are under tremendous stress. This is very noticeable when the wringer is running. The body of the machine starts to vibrate a lot. Unpleasant sounds are heard, and the machine “jumps” on the floor. Washing quality deteriorates sharply because the distribution of the laundry in the tank is uneven.


A little help! For the product to work properly, the internal fasteners are necessarily removed from the exhibition samples. When buying an appliance from the showroom, be sure to make sure the fastening bolts are in place before shipping.


How to properly transport a washing machine


To transport the washing machine successfully, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules:


– Clean the washing machine well;

– drain the remaining water;

– remove the hoses;

– Remove the plugs by lifting the edges with a sharp screwdriver;

– equip the bolts with sealing pads;

– install the fixing bolts.


To properly install the washing machine, it is necessary that the bolts exactly hit the threaded hole. With this I will have to tinker, because, after prolonged use, the threads get clogged. For proper installation, the tank should be slightly turned by hand.


It is allowed to transport the washing machine on its side, with the ditch facing downwards. The best transport is considered the horizontal position.


If the bolts are lost, it is necessary to order duplicates from a workshop. Manufacturers do not recommend the use of fasteners from another machine.


Remember! Do not transport the machine without fasteners. This can put it out of service. Mounting bolts are installed even when carrying the machine from one room to another.


From all of the above, we can conclude. For washing, the fasteners are necessarily removed. For transportation, it is installed again. In case of failure due to ignoring the rules of transportation, the responsibility falls on the consumer. Warranty service is terminated, and expensive repairs are paid for by the owner of the product.


 If you still did not manage to recognize the cause of this breakdown by all the points provided above, or if you do not want to waste time guessing, North Country Appliance Repair Service is always happy to help you and provide a professional diagnosis and repair of your washer on time.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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