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Leakage can also occur due to reasons not related to interruptions with the light and the drainage tube. Water sometimes flows on the back wall of the refrigerator due to a malfunction of the compressor, malfunction of the thermostat, and evaporation of freon. If one of the components of a household appliance fails, then a person who does not have experience in servicing refrigeration equipment is unlikely to be able to eliminate the malfunction. In such a situation, it makes sense to contact the service.


How to eliminate the causes of leakage


You can overcome the cause of the leak yourself if it is related to the drainage tube, container, or the tightness of the housing. Other situations require the replacement of parts and/or the availability of specialized equipment, so in such cases, you need to contact the service. Let’s analyze the typical options.


Contamination of drainage holes


If a working refrigerator leaks inside, often the cause is a clogged drain. Before cleaning it, you need to de-energize the household appliance for several hours so that the ice everywhere melts. If the drain pipe is clogged, and then ice forms in it, then it will not be possible to clear it with anything until it turns into water.


Defrosting in a cold kitchen in winter can last a day or two. For cleaning you can use:


– a special sanitary brush,

– ear stick,

– flexible cable.


The first two options will help only if the blockage is near the opening. It is necessary to start cleaning the drainage from above. In case of failure, try to enter from below.


Drain pipe drain


The simplest option — when moving the refrigerator, the drain tube fell out of the pallet. We put it in place and forget about leaks.


Seal wear


Violation of tightness, as a rule, does not lead to leakage, but to the formation of ice in the freezer. But this can cause various serious malfunctions. To check the tightness of the gasket, close the refrigerator in the evening with a flashlight on.


If there is no tightness between the door and the body, a strip of light will be visible. To resolve this problem, replace or repair the seal. A repair usually boils down to heating the rubber with boiling water or a hair dryer, followed by straightening.


A crack in the liquid container


Containers for collecting water are made of plastic. This material is quite fragile, when moving the refrigerator, you can break the container. The optimal solution to the problem is to replace the capacity with a new one. If you do not want to spend time looking for a replacement, you can glue the plastic:


We pass a soldering iron with a thin tip along the crack from two sides, without making through holes.

We fill the crack with super glue and sprinkle soda on top. We repeat the procedure 2-3 times on both sides.

We wash off the remains of soda.

The method is effective, but the sealed crack will not look aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, the container is not visible, so the result of the repair is not visible to outsiders.


Incorrect operation of the thermostat


Why does the refrigerator leak periodically? One of the possible reasons is the incorrect operation of the thermostat. The part makes the compressor run when it is not needed. As a result, a snow coat is formed, which periodically melts, and moisture forms inside the household appliance.

If the master diagnosed a malfunction of the thermostat, it will have to be replaced. Such repairs do not require large costs.


Evaporator heater problems


In the case of a faulty heating element, frost may form on the evaporator and/or the cold supply channel, and when the temperature inside the household appliance rises, water may form. If during the diagnostic process, you are convinced of problems with the heater, it must be replaced with a new one.


Freon came out


Without the necessary amount of freon, the refrigerator cannot function. Signs of a malfunction include freezing, an oily stain on the tube, a household appliance that does not work well, or does not cool products at all. After freon leaves the refrigerant circuit, the freezer begins to defrost quickly, the container overflows, and a puddle forms on the floor. In such a situation, you should invite a specialist who can find the cause of the malfunction, eliminate it and fill the cooling unit with new freon.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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