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Moving to a new place of residence, or to an apartment in which repairs have been made is a pleasant event. The tenants living in it are busy with the joyful worries of creating a proper design and interior, where appliances play a significant role. Most are in the kitchen areas. Equipping the kitchen is a serious issue, the competent solution of which depends on the comfort of living in the apartment.


When equipping the kitchen the question arises, what is better: a cooktop or a gas stove? What is more convenient to use – a modern hob or an old tried and tested gas stove?


Features of the hob


If you are not going to use the oven, you can not buy it at all. By doing so, you can save money on appliances, plus the extra space in the kitchen will not hurt.


If you do not have an oven in the kitchen, the best option would be to buy a hob. It is a stylish and compact device, distinguished by elegance and beauty. It is mounted on the countertop, and instead of the oven, you can install a dishwasher or leave room for a number of necessary drawers. Such a design seamlessly fits into any kitchen interior and allows for quick cleaning.


There are a huge number of models of hobs. Enameled – older, modern models of glass ceramic. You can install a system that runs on gas and on electricity.


Advantages of an electric cooktop


The main advantage of electric cooktops is their beauty and aesthetics. There are no burners and perpetually dirty grates. The zones for heating are created directly on the front surface of the panel. You can install this type of panel anywhere on the worktop. Thanks to its compact size, it fits well even in small kitchens. This stove is a pleasure to clean. Its surface is smooth, the joints are carefully closed during installation and dirt does not accumulate in them. Almost any contamination can be removed with a simple, slightly damp cloth.


If the mistress of the apartment suddenly has the desire to bake pies and other culinary products, which require an oven, then this issue is solved simply. For this purpose, a separate oven is purchased, which can be located separately from the panel, anywhere in the kitchen. Modern electric cooktops have high power, so cooking on them is fast enough.


Disadvantages of the hob


The main disadvantage of electric cooktops is the high cost. Added to the price is also the cost of installation. Of course, you can install the hob with your own hands, but to do this, you will need to so saw a hole in the countertop so that between it and the panel is not left even the slightest gap. This will keep the countertop from dirt. It will be necessary to create a competent ventilation system, whose task is to remove excess heat from the nearby furniture, which can smoke.


Buying a separate cooktop and oven that run on gas will incur additional costs. A separate gas hose will be required for each item. Work related to gas will require coordination with a special service, drawing up a project, and involving specialists, as it is forbidden by law to install gas equipment yourself.


The surface of the hob is very delicate. Shocks and other awkward movements can lead to the formation of chips on it, not removing granules of sugar during heating can lead to cracks. Eliminating defects on the hob is an expensive affair.


Important: The weight that most glass or glass ceramic cooktops can support is no more than 37 feet for the entire panel and no more than 13 feet per burner. So loading the stove with pots and pans at the same time is problematic.


Features of a gas stove


Gas stoves are reliable, decades-tested products. Modern models look nice enough, and have a wide range of colors. You can pick up any interior of the room and fit into any kitchen. Modern stoves have many useful functions, equipped with timers, indicators, and displays, on which useful information is written. The oven is illuminated, and the oven door, in some models, can be locked, which protects it from curious children.


Advantages of a gas stove


Gas stoves are cheaper. They don’t require complicated installation when replacing, the new stove is simply put in place of the old one. No extra hoses or other tricks are required. These stoves are very durable, they will withstand almost any load, and without the slightest damage to themselves. Washing a gas stove is easy, especially with scratch-free brushes and any detergent.


Disadvantages of the gas stove


It’s a bulky unit that can take up a significant portion of a small kitchen. To build it into a kitchen set, you need to order special furniture. In addition, it will be possible to place the stove only in the place where the gas hose fits.



A cooktop, as well as a gas stove, has its own advantages and disadvantages. Based on the comparison of the two systems, everyone chooses – which is better. In addition, an important factor when buying is the price.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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