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In order to understand the causes of more complex failures, you need to know how the refrigerator is designed and how it works. Only then will the origin of the malfunction be clear. As a result, the right ways to solve the problem can be found.

Capillary system. The culprit of failure can be a blockage in the capillary system due to foreign substances getting into the pipeline – moisture, oils, debris from a failed filter, and other things.

Because of the clog, the cooler does not reach the end – there is nothing wrong with freezing, there is even the formation of ice. And the food in the second chamber is not cooled – this compartment is warm.

Signs of capillary clogging can be confused with a breakdown of another nature – malfunction of the evaporator. In order to determine the exact cause of the problem, analyze the temperature of the discharge system in the “condenser-compressor” area. If the heating there is insignificant or partial, and the cooling down is quick, then the cause is in the capillaries clogging.

However there is a possibility to correct the situation with your own forces: if the jam is not complicated, the light knocking on the pipeline moves the jam from its place and the way for the freon is freed.

If tapping does not help, it is necessary to contact a master, who will professionally clean the pipes, install a new clean filter, replace the freon, and remove unwanted air from the evaporator.

Drainage system. The drain system in refrigerators with a weeping wall can also get clogged. If one is not cleaned for a long time, it can become clogged, which does not fully allow melt water to pass through, it accumulates at the bottom of the chamber and leaks out.

Over time, the plastic cracks and water flows into the gaps and oxidizes the metal parts of the device, corrosion corrodes them, and the refrigerant begins to flow out. The drainage system is cleaned with a normal drugstore rubber blower. It is filled with hot water and poured into the channel with a sharp movement at the highest pressure.

If necessary, this is repeated several times until the system is completely clean. Dirty drained water from the special tray should be removed after the procedure.

Another tool for cleaning the drainage system can be a bicycle/car hand pump. If these devices are not available or the clog is very solid, a long wire/conductor will help.

The end of the wire is bent into a loop and twisted into the drain while pushing it back and forth. The duration of the procedure is about three minutes. It is possible to combine the two methods – cleaning with a wire and spilling water.

You can check the result of the effort by testing the system. A little water is poured into the drain tube and notice the rate of drainage natural. If it does not go away, the cleaning procedure is repeated.

There is also a temperature detector in the cold room. It can be damaged by substances and liquids from food, or have a factory defect.

If the detector shows incorrect information, the refrigerator compressor is operating at high power and will fail quickly with this operation. The solution becomes replacing the detector with a new, serviceable module, which can only be done by an expert.

Other built-in sensors and electronic controls can also malfunction, and mechanical buttons break and get clogged. Such problems will be indicated by unnaturally long compressor interruptions, when the electronics do not correctly indicate the temperature of the air in the refrigeration compartment and set the wrong operating mode.

It is recommended to inspect all electronic and automatic elements for serviceability, and in case of their breakage to replace useless parts. It is better to address this purpose to a qualified master unless the user himself has the necessary knowledge and skills in this sphere.

If the refrigeration unit is equipped with one compressor and a NoFrost system, the problem may be caused by the chamber cooling regulator getting stuck. If this happens in the maximum cold mode, the compressor can’t handle the high load. The solution is to replace the valve.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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