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When you open the door, moisture enters the freezer and evaporates from the stored food. The steam condenses on the walls of the appliance and the resulting water droplets freeze. Thus the freezer and refrigerator are covered with frost.

Gradually its layer grows, becomes thicker, and turns into a powerful frost, which begins to interfere with the normal operation of the compressor.

In summer, the process of frost formation in the refrigerator is accelerated as hot air enters the chamber. The compressor is already working hard, and the frost puts an additional strain on the compressor.

To prevent compressor breakdowns, it is better to shorten the intervals between defrosting the appliance. But in winter, you can relax and take care of your refrigerator a little less often.

Sometimes frost appears too quickly, and this is an alarming signal.

The rate of frost formation increases dramatically if:

When it’s hot, the refrigerator is on full blast. The desire to keep food fresh in hot weather is understandable, but still, you should not run the cooling mode “at full”. The lower the temperature in the chamber, the more moisture settles when hot air rushes in when the door is opened. The degree to which food is cooled still depends only on the appliance settings, not the environment.

The super-freezing option works. The super-freezing function is turned on manually when it is necessary to freeze a large amount of food urgently (for example, if you make preparations for the winter). There are models where the option works in automatic mode, but in most cases, it is controlled by the user. If you forget to disable super-freezing, the refrigerator will work intensively and freeze heavily.

If you have to constantly defrost the refrigerator, it is worth making sure that the cooling mode settings are set correctly, and if necessary adjust them.

If you suspect a malfunction, first of all, check the sealing strip on the fridge door. If the reason for the ice is the elastic band, which is damaged or has stopped providing the tight adjacency of the door to the fridge body, you have to think about replacing the seal.

If everything is alright with the seal and the reason for freezing does not lie in the peculiarities of operation, there is a great possibility of more serious malfunctions.

Intensive freezing of the freezer is not always connected with the “human factor”.

Often it is a sign of failure, especially if after defrosting the cooling function of the device is broken.

Signs of malfunction and their possible causes:

Frost appears on the back wall of the refrigerator compartment and the temperature in the chamber itself is too low. This is the case if the thermostat is broken. The appliance stops maintaining the proper temperature mode, turns on frequently, and runs for a long time. The wall of the refrigerator has no time to thaw and a layer of ice builds up on it.

The refrigerator does not shut off, but the temperature in the chamber is still too high and ice is forming on the back wall. These signs appear if the normal circulation of refrigerant through the capillary pipe is disturbed. Sometimes it becomes clogged due to thickened machine oil, which forms a lump and blocks the opening in the tube.

The refrigerator runs intensely and rarely shuts down, and ice appears in the corner. These are signs of a freon leak. One of the most unpleasant breakdowns, as it is unlikely to be possible to deal with yourself. It is necessary to call a technician from North Country Appliance Repair Company to fix the leak and refill the system with freon.

Local icing of a part of the back wall of the refrigerating compartment. There is a probability that this is a breach of the appliance’s thermal insulation layer. This part should be replaced.

The temperature in the refrigerator compartment is too low, in the freezer compartment – too high, and the wall of the appliance is covered with ice. This is the case if the solenoid valve controlling cooling is broken and “frozen” in one position. Normally, it should cool both chambers alternately.

Refrigerator, even if it is equipped with the best system of automatic defrosting, it is necessary to defrost at the proper time, watch its work, and control the degree of icing. An attentive attitude to household appliances will help to prevent many problems.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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