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The following additional materials and tools may be required for the work:


– screwdriver or screwdriver, if the tape is planted on self-tapping screws;

– a small spatula – for cleaning the surfaces, if the sealant is glued;

– a construction hair dryer;

– glue or silicone sealant;

– Thinner or white spirit to degrease the surfaces.


If the old sealing tape is fixed in the grooves on the refrigerator door, you will only need a screwdriver to pick it up, and a hair dryer.


Step 1 – preparation and removal of the rubber band


The refrigerator is unplugged, and the food stored in it is taken out. The easiest way to work is to remove the door and put it on the floor. If this is not possible, it will be necessary to change the rubber band “on the weight”, which is not particularly convenient and may affect the quality of the installation.


The method of removal depends on how the old part is fixed. If it is installed “herringbone”, the edge of the groove is pushed slightly toward you, and the sealant is pulled up, trying not to break. If necessary, you can insert a flat screwdriver between the edge of the panel and the tape. By prying with it, it is easy to get the rubber band out of the groove.


To remove the rubber band, screwed with screws, you need only a screwdriver or a screwdriver. But with the glued sealant will have to fuss.


It must not only be torn from the metal but also remove the adhering small pieces, crumbs of rubber. The surface must be absolutely clean.


Step 2 – Choosing a replacement tape

If the new seal does not fit, all efforts are useless, so it is important to choose the right product.


When buying it, pay attention to such nuances:


The make and a serial number of the refrigerator. If there is a rubber band on sale for the right model, the problem of choice can already be considered solved. The band should fit perfectly in size and type of attachment. If not, you can pick up a similar one.


Size. If there is no possibility to buy a sealant for a particular brand of refrigerator, it is necessary to carefully measure the old one, determine its type and choose a suitable one among the available ones. Such difficulties occur more often to owners of outdated or unpopular models.


Condition of the new tape. A new sealant can turn out to be defective. To avoid unpleasant surprises in the future, you should carefully inspect the purchase. It should not have cracks or damage. Quality material has a homogeneous smooth structure and even color. Lumps and stretches are unacceptable.


Sometimes you can not find a rubber band on an old model refrigerator. In this case, any other suitable sealant is used. Sizes are adjusted by cutting off unnecessary pieces and gluing the joints. This replacement is the worst option, and it is resorted to only in hopeless situations.


If the tape should be glued, you should carefully select the composition. Experts recommend “Moment”. It binds surfaces well and does not lose its properties over time.


The only nuance: traces can remain on the coating of the door, so you need to work very carefully, immediately wiping off the drops of glue.


There are masters who prefer silicone sealants. They are really reliable, easy to use, characterized by elasticity, and excellent adhesion to most materials. When choosing, it is better to give preference to compositions, the packaging of which is marked on the frost resistance.


Step 3 – Installation of the seal on the door

When installing the tape, it is undesirable to experiment and look for a different method of attachment than before. If the old rubber band was inserted into the grooves, the new one is installed in the same way. The only case where you have to reinvent the wheel is when the elements of the door are broken.


Depending on your situation, you will have to use one of three methods of installation. It is important to do everything carefully, without violating the integrity of the elements and the sequence of steps.


The following options are possible:


Gluing. The most important stage of the work is to clean the surfaces. They should be carefully degreased with a solvent. The glue is applied and dried according to the manufacturer’s instructions placed on the package. The door can not be closed until the composition is completely dry.


Screwing with self-tapping screws. If the refrigerator is very old and it has a “native” seal, there is a high probability that the fasteners are loose and do not hold well. To prevent this from happening with the new rubber, it is mounted on self-tapping screws of larger diameter.


Insertion into the grooves. Tape with fixing “herringbone” is inserted into the slots and additionally put on glue or pressed with self-tapping screws. Screws are screwed in at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other.


When the work is done, you should inspect the new sealing rubber, to make sure it was not damaged during installation. If everything is in order, the food is returned to the refrigerator and it is plugged in.


If the tape is properly installed, the door should open with some force and you should not feel a chill next to it. You can test again with a piece of paper.


To ensure that the seal will last for many years without repair or replacement, the door should be opened by the handles without touching the rubber band. When washing the refrigerator, be sure to clean the recesses of the tape with an old toothbrush with a baking soda solution.


After drying you can treat the rubber band with silicone grease. But it is better not to use oils, as they reduce the elasticity of the material.


If you still did not manage to recognize the cause of this breakdown by all the points provided above, or if you do not want to waste time guessing, North Country Appliance Repair Service is always happy to help you and provide a professional diagnosis and repair of your refrigerator in a timely manner.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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