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Quite often in our service center customers complain about the smell of the washing machine. As uncomfortable as it may sound, the stink from the washing machine is quite a common problem and it can be associated with several reasons. Consider several of them and try to give recommendations on how to get rid of the smell in the washing machine.


  1. The washing machine doesn’t heat the water

In case the machine does not heat the water, the detergent will not dissolve. Accordingly, a small amount of water that remains in the washing machine can cause an unpleasant smell.


It should be understood that through the washing unit from the washing machine, water circulates through each of the components. Everything is involved, from the powder pouch (cuvette) to the drain pump. And it’s not always clean water that settles. Due to the fact that the chemical elements of the powder have not reacted “with the dirt”, there is an unpleasant smell from the washing machine.


When the washer is not used for some time, the settled dirty moisture begins to bloom. A fungus is formed, which is quite difficult to remove, and it is often necessary to replace the blooming unit. This is such a long line of events that can occur in the case of unheated water and as a consequence of the smell from the washing machine.


  1. water remains on the rubber (cuff) of the hatch

A fairly common problem. Associated with clogging the drainage of the washing machine door cuff. In not every machine you can see a small hole (or several) located around the circumference of the cuff at the bottom. Often it is clogged, and you need to carefully, with an object like an ear wand, try to clean it. If you yourself can not do it, it is better not to risk and call a master of washing machines. The reason is trivial, the torn cuff is replaced, and often costs a lot of money.


A clogged cuff is not an uncommon problem for pet owners. When there is no good drainage of water, it accumulates in small quantities. Consequently, increased humidity forms fungus. It is not necessary to bring the cuff to bloom, to take it out, or to get rid of mold in the washing machine, even with a dismantled rubber, which is extremely difficult at home.


  1. Clogged drain filter

A clogged drain filter often haunts dog or cat owners. The washing machine pump works at full capacity to rid the product of excess water, but this is not always possible due to a clog. As a consequence, a small amount of water accumulates in the filter and drain pipe. And no longer clean water tends to clog. In some models of washing machines, the nozzle is located so close to the tank that water can accumulate in it. Badly wrung-out things are a consequence.


As is usually the case, the owners are in no hurry to solve the problem right away. “No time”, “it seemed”, “I thought it would pass”, and “went away” – these are only a small part of the answers we get to the question “Why didn’t you call right away? As a consequence, the next time you open the hatch of the washing machine, you can smell an unpleasant odor.


  1. The washing machine does not drain the water

During the vacation season, you can often hear from owners the phrase – “put the washing machine to wash and left, and came back – there is water in the machine”. Depending on the timing of absence, the consequences can be disastrous not only for the washing machine but also for things. It is necessary to carefully drain the water, using the drain filter at the bottom of the machine, and then take things out.


But what to do if, in this and other cases, the washing machine emits a bad smell?


  1. Starting the wash after the water supply is turned off

In the absence of water in the plumbing for a certain time, it tends to stagnate, as well as collecting all the accumulated pipe deposits. Therefore, when we first turn it on, we may observe a slightly yellowish color in the water. This is only possible in our conditions, where the water supply and sewage treatment plants do not meet European standards.


If you start the washing immediately after the water supply to the plumbing, then the unpleasant smell from the washing machine is not at all excluded. In this case, you just need to run the washing process idle to flush out the “stale” water in the nodes of the washing machine.


The washing machine, this product is constantly in contact with tap water. Of course, in our conditions, this does not exclude the appearance of extraneous odors. Always follow the rules of operation described in the manual of your product. Use only quality powder, and make periodic cleaning of the washing machine with special products.


By sticking to these recommendations, you will be able to avoid unpleasant odors in your washing machine.


But, if you need a washing machine repair, you can order this service at North Country Appliance Repair Company.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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