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The induction stove is easy to use and can be prepared quickly. But, when choosing a technique, many people, first of all, ask whether an induction stove is harmful and whether it can be used for constant cooking. In order to analyze possible harm, you should first understand the principle of operation of this equipment.


How does an induction stove work?


Due to the peculiarities of the technology, the induction stove is more economical, unlike analogs that work on the basis of other principles. Due to the use of induction technology, heat is transferred more efficiently, the unit requires less electricity. The heat goes directly to the dishes, it is not spent on heating the atmosphere. The entire surface is heated evenly.


The design of the plate assumes the presence of a smooth flat panel without elevations. Coils are installed inside the device, forming an electromagnetic field that acts on the dishes, providing heating of products. The technology provides the main advantages of such a plate. For example, heating occurs very quickly, but less energy is consumed than in the case of a traditional electric stove.


The harm of an induction stove on human health


Safe operation of any equipment is possible only if the rules of operation are observed. Violation of safety techniques is fraught with various negative consequences, including for the human body. Several important nuances should be noted here:


– induction radiation will be neutral only under the condition of the even arrangement of the dishes and the coincidence of its diameter with the size of the burner;

– the distance between a person and an induction stove should be at least 30 cm. According to research, the most optimal distance to the unit is 50 cm. At such a distance, the induction stove cannot harm the body;

– you should use specialized dishes for cooking. For example, cast iron and steel dishes are suitable;

– the outer surface of the bottom of the dish must be flat. Do not use containers with a deformed bottom.


How harmful it is to use an induction stove


There is no unequivocal opinion of the scientific community regarding the safety of the operation of induction plates. Therefore, it is extremely important to observe safety precautions and operating recommendations. In such conditions, it is possible to guarantee the exclusion of harm.


If the equipment is used incorrectly, a negative impact of the electric current and magnetic field on the human body is possible. This can lead to headaches, rapid fatigue, and sleep disturbances.


In the process of cooking, most of the vitamins remain in vegetables and fruits. Meat products also lose substances useful for the body. However, this is also characteristic of the second equipment used for the purpose of thermal processing of food products.


But, there are no exact confirmed harms of induction stoves for humans. However, experts formulated several theses, both for and against the use.


Reasons for application


In the process of cooking, a person never comes close to the equipment. The following conclusions can be drawn from this:


– low-frequency radiation, characteristic of induction hobs, does not affect the human body at all. Electromagnetic waves emanate from the burner onto the dishes but do not spread to the sides. Therefore, the use of such technology cannot harm a person.


– the induction hob recognizes only metal dishes. Accordingly, the risk of burns during operation is excluded. Only the bottom of the container heats up, the device itself can only be moderately warm, so you will not get burned even if you touch the surface of the plate;


– in the case of using dishes made of other materials for cooking, the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed.

Arguments against use


– if the dishes do not completely cover the burner, the harmful effects of electromagnetic rays are possible;

– there is a risk of a negative impact on the nervous system if the rules of operation are not followed;

– pregnant women and people with short stature should use the induction stove with special caution. In this case, it is extremely important to observe the optimal distance to the equipment.


Important! People with pacemakers should be especially careful. The external electromagnetic field has a negative effect on such devices. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the recommended distance to the stove – about 30-50 cm.


How to reduce the harmful effect of an induction stove


The most important requirement is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for operating an induction stove. Therefore, before use, you should carefully study the instructions.


It is important to observe the permissible distance to the device. If it is necessary to be in close proximity to the stove, it is recommended to reduce its power to reduce the strength of the electromagnetic field.


Only compatible dishes are allowed. These are primarily metal containers with flat bottoms. A list of suitable dishes is usually specified in the instructions for the unit. Honest cookware manufacturers indicate whether specific models of their production are compatible with such plates.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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