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A kitchen oven or oven is widely used in everyday life. Thanks to the presence of this device in the kitchen, housewives have the opportunity to quickly cook meat, vegetables, and delicious pastries. Such devices rarely fail, as they are designed for a long period of operation. But, if this happens, it is necessary to understand the cause of the failure of the kitchen oven. Repair of this device is better to trust a specialist, but there are cases when you can do it without calling the master.


Before you determine the cause of the malfunction of the kitchen oven or oven, you need to understand the device. The internal location, type, and quality of component parts vary depending on the manufacturer and type of household appliance.

Ovens are distinguished by the following types:

By the method of heating:
– Electric
– Gas

By the method of control:
– Dependent
– Independent

Electric ovens and ovens are now widespread, as they are more rational and profitable to use – electricity is much cheaper than blue fuel. But it creates an additional load on the wiring in the house, which requires additional precautions when using them.

Gas-type devices require some experience in cooking baked dishes.
The difference between these two types is the type of heating and its location. Electric ovens work due to the presence of a heating element – heating element.
Most often, it is located in the upper part of the oven, some household units are also equipped with a spit with a motor for cooking special meat dishes.

Ovens with an electric type of connection have a number of advantages, including:

– Precise temperature setting, maintaining a certain temperature for a long time. This allows you to cook various dishes qualitatively and effortlessly.

– The possibility of upper, lower, and side locations of heating elements. This will also affect the quality of the dishes – cooking will be faster. Usually, manufacturers install a grill in the upper part, which is responsible for the formation of a ruddy crust.

– Such ovens are easy to install because for their work you only need an outlet.
Gas-based ovens have gas burners, which act as a heating element. Its installation is more complicated than the electric analog since a prerequisite is the presence of a gas pipe or at least a gas cylinder. But they heat up faster and retain heat longer, unlike electric ovens.

Dependent and independent ovens differ in the way they are controlled: the first type has a common panel with a hob, and they must be installed in one place. Dependent ovens are located at the bottom of the kitchen set, which can somewhat complicate their maintenance.

The second type is equipped with its own control panel and can be mounted in any part of the kitchen and at any height, which makes the use of this type of device more convenient for the hostess.

Each of the above types of ovens has the main functional units, without which their use becomes impossible or extremely inconvenient.

The main elements that ensure the performance of the electric oven are:
Heating elements. Even in older models of ovens, several heating elements are installed at once.

Fan. This part is necessary for convection – the oven fan provides optimal distribution of hot air for uniform cooking, so that the air is concentrated not only at the top, but also enters the lower part of the chamber.
An equally important part of the electric oven is the temperature and mode regulator, the control panel.
The first allows you to set the most accurate temperature, and the display shows all the necessary information about the cooking time.

Also, all ovens are equipped with ventilation holes, durable internal and external glass, and grille handles.

Kitchen ovens that run on gas have slightly different basic elements:
Gaslamp. It provides heating inside the oven for cooking.
In the gas type of oven, there is no fan, as the heat is evenly distributed throughout the chamber. Otherwise, the device is identical to an electric oven.

The principle of operation of the oven is very simple – with the help of the above-mentioned heating elements or a gas burner, the device is heated inside. Gas is supplied to the burner by means of a thermocouple, which forms a gas control system. It is these parts that ensure the operation of the gas appliance. Setting the modes, time, and temperature is done using the control panel or regulator. The necessary products are placed inside, where the cooking takes place.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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