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It is always unpleasant when expensive equipment fails, especially such important equipment as a refrigerator. Since it promises a lot of inconveniences, as well as financial losses.

Still, when the refrigerator does not freeze, its owner should not indulge in grief, because not in all cases, such a phenomenon as a breakdown differs in complexity. In addition, it is often possible to perform the repair yourself, and quickly, which facilitates the situation.

Complicated versions of malfunctions

If the user has followed the recommendations outlined in the previous paragraph, and to find out why the refrigerator used by them does not freeze, then it will be necessary to call a master.

As the causes of the breakdown are more complex and they are identified and eliminated only with special knowledge, skills, and the necessary tools.

Their signs can be:

– Long pauses in the work of the electric motor when the temperature is not low enough.
-Incorrect operation of the temperature sensor.
-The electric motor is overheating.
-Excessive refrigerant leakage.
-Compressor malfunction.
-No operation at all.

Broken heater. This only applies to No Frost units.
Broken temperature sensor. It often happens that the refrigerator does not freeze the products in the right mode. And the electric motor works in the usual mode, that is, with long pauses.

This situation indicates that the temperature sensor transmits the wrong signals to the control system. Sometimes it can be so that the motor turns on and stops working after a short time.

Such cases indicate a breakdown of the temperature sensor, which should be replaced and the functionality should be checked. Any technician will be able to cope well with such work, and if desired, the user himself.

Overheating and breakdown of the electric motor. One of the frequent causes of poor-quality freezing products is overheating of the electric motor.

In the described situation, it normally turns on and works for some time, even a long time, but the duration of the cycle is still not enough to perform the functions in full.

The reason for the shutdowns is that the protection system forcibly stops the work of the electric motor, so the desired temperature is not maintained.

In this case, the owner has to check whether there is free access to air to the back wall and move the fridge no less than 10 cm away from any surface – wall, furniture, or other devices.

If the mentioned manipulations did not help, then it is necessary to call a master, who will make diagnostics. But if there are signs of overheating, you must be prepared to replace the electric motor.

And if the refrigerator is already far from new, then its replacement, which will be the best solution?

Overheating should not be confused with the short operating cycles of the refrigerator. In such cases, the electric motor turns on for a brief 10-15 seconds.

After that there is a stop, at that freezing, unlike the previous case, is not performed at all. Such peculiarity indicates an unambiguously serious breakdown of the motor or compressor.

Failure of the same elements of construction is evidenced by unsuccessful attempts of the control system to turn on the unit. In this case, the owner can hear clicks of varying volumes, beyond which it does not move further.

In addition, the same signs have faults in the control module, starting the protection relay. In all such situations, the repair is performed by replacing the faulty element.

Refrigerant leakage and clogging of the cooling system is a frequent causes of the loss of the refrigerator’s performance. If this is the case, the freezing will be performed poorly, and with significant damage to the cooling system is not performed at all.

This can be evidenced by the formation of ice plaque on the back surface of the refrigerator. In addition, this is also the case when the cooling system is clogged, as the plugs do not allow freon to circulate.

Which of the two causes prevents the cooling unit from working properly can only be called by a North Country Appliance Repair Company technician.

But the obvious reason for the leak is the loss of air tightness due to wear and tear of the parts of the circuit in which the freon circulates, its mechanical damage.

For example, it is possible to break something while trying to clean the inside of the refrigerating or freezing chamber from any impurities, or ice.

In most cases, this problem is eliminated by restoring the tightness of the circuit and pumping freon, which in some cases the master will be able to do on the spot.

When clogging, most often the fault is the wrong actions of the owner, who saved on preventive work or did not know about their necessity in general.

Control module. When the unit refuses to turn on, it may indicate a faulty control module.

But it is better to start diagnostics by checking the correct connection, the serviceability of the wiring, and the plug. And often the cause of the problem can be oxidized contacts.

The failure of the control module is indicated by a red light, and sometimes a corresponding sound signal. In this case, it is better to de-energize the cooling unit for some time, and then turn it on again.

You can try to reduce the amount of food in the freezer and wait for a few hours, because the indicated signals may indicate that the refrigerator has an impossible task.

But still, you should understand that in many cases you will have to call a specialist and change the control module.

FUSER. All No Frost refrigerators are equipped with heaters, the breakdown of which will result in the freezing of the cooling radiator, and then the fan will freeze.

Therefore, normal operation is not possible. The cause of the malfunction is always eliminated by replacing the heating elements.

If you still did not manage to recognize the cause of this breakdown by all the points provided above, or if you do not want to waste time guessing, North Country Appliance Repair Service is always happy to help you and provide a professional diagnosis and repair of your fridge in a timely manner.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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