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The circulation pump of a dishwasher is one of the most important parts of its design, without which the operation of the appliance is impossible.


The dishwasher pump is designed to pump water into the dishwasher tank, passing it through the tubes of the heating element. Simply put, the circulation pump is a motor that delivers water to the appliance.


Unfortunately, no part can last forever, and the pump is no exception. Over time, any dishwasher model may experience malfunctions in the circulation pump, which will require replacing it with a new one.


How the dishwasher circulation pump works

The circulation pump is used to pump water into the dishwasher system. Such components work constantly, pumping and supplying water to the rockers, from where it comes out under high pressure.


The detergent dispenser immediately opens, and food residues are washed off into the drip tray, from where they fall into a special filter. The used water is cleaned again and fed to the nozzles. Therefore, the pump is also called a recirculation pump.


The pump drains the used water and discharges it outside the hopper. When the dishwashing cycle is complete, the control board sends a signal to pump out the dirty water. The most vulnerable point in such a mechanism is the impeller. Hair and threads are often wound around it, blocking the mechanism, so regular cleaning of the circulation pump is very important when using the machine.


When does the pump need repair?


It is very important to understand when the circulation pump (motor) is not working and needs to be replaced. Such a breakdown can be indicated by signs such as loud engine noise or leaks. Water can get into the bushings and wash out the lubricant, causing the part to wear out.


Another sign is a working dishwasher, but the water does not circulate in it and the dishwashing process does not occur.


Service center masters identify the following malfunctions of the circulation pump:


– factory defects;

– inaccurate operation of the dishwasher, not timely cleaning;

– damage during transportation;

– sudden power surges in the mains;

– attempts to repair the dishwasher on their own.


Many users try to repair the circulation pump on their own and end up with high costs for dishwasher restoration. A dishwasher breakdown is a serious matter, so it is better to entrust it to a professional.


Besides, it’s not a problem to buy a dishwasher circulation pump nowadays and it’s cheaper to replace it than to restore it.


Step-by-step instructions for replacing the circulation pump

If you still decide to carry out such repairs yourself, then you should be aware of the sequence of certain actions.


To replace the dishwasher recirculation pump, follow these instructions:


– First of all, unplug the dishwasher. Safety is paramount when working with electrical equipment.

– Then turn off the water supply to the machine. To do this, unscrew the water supply hose and make sure to place a container underneath in case any liquid remains in the tube. If water remains in the appliance itself, it is best to remove it using the drain tube.

– Remove the top and back cover of the machine. To do this, unscrew the bolts with a wrench.

– Next, remove the drain filter and the strainer, if any.

– Remove the protective cover and try to clean the impeller. After this step, you can reassemble the machine and check if it works. If not, you need to move on to replacing the circulation pump.

– Unclamp the nozzle clamps with the help of iron tongues.

– Disconnect the connectors and unscrew the fixing screw with a screwdriver.

– Remove the attachment points of the nozzles. The appliance will be hanging from one hanger, which must be removed.

– Remove the circulation pump and replace it with a new one with the same characteristics.

– Next, reassemble the dishwasher in the reverse order and run it in test mode.


In order to assemble everything correctly, it is better to take pictures of everything at the stage of disassembling the equipment. To check the electronic part of the machine, connect the probes of the multimeter to the motor contacts. The resistance on the screen should show whether the element is in good condition or not.




As you can see from the instructions for replacing the circulation pump, the procedure is not very complicated, especially if you have at least a little experience with household appliances. However, you need to follow the sequence of actions and buy a dishwasher pump of original quality.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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