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Drainage system failure


What should I do if the code 5E or E2 appears on the display? On models without display, the machine indicates by flashing all washing modes and illumination of the 40°C temperature indicator. The appearance of the error indicates problems with water drainage.


The causes of the code may be as follows:


– The hose through which the machine drains is clogged or kinked. After cleaning or returning the hose to its normal position, the normal operation of the machine is restored.


– Drain filter is clogged. To check the version, it must be removed, cleaned, rinsed, and screwed back in.


– The siphon, located at the point where the machine is connected to the sewer, is clogged. To eliminate this problem, you need to disconnect the drain hose from the place of connection to the waste pipe, immerse it in any container, run the program, and wait for the water to drain. If it flows freely, you must urgently clean the siphon.


The machine may display this error in case of loose contacts of the drain pump. Once they are firmly connected, the code will not appear on the screen.


A single failure in the system can also cause the demonstration of the error. To check this, you need to turn off the machine and after 10-15 minutes turn it on again.


Reaction to power surges


How to determine the causes of errors Uc, 9C, 9E1, and 9E2 and eliminate them? These numbers and letters can appear at any time of program execution. They indicate a lack or excess of voltage in the mains for a few seconds. In fact, it is a volt control that protects the electrical components.


If the error appears on the screen and then quickly disappears – the surge in the network was short-lived. In this case, you do not need to do anything. A long reflection of the code on the screen may be a signal of problems in the electrical network.


Reasons for the signal reflection may be the following:


– Regular mains voltage failures. With such problems, it is worth installing a stabilizer.

– Failure in the volt-control system. In this case, it is enough to restart the program by turning off and on the washing machine.

– Using a low-quality extension cord to connect the machine to the mains can also be the cause of the demonstration of the error. Its replacement will solve the problem.

– Very often the volt control error is displayed in the case of poor quality wiring, old socket, etc. After replacing these elements, everything is back to normal.


One time machine malfunction


How to fix the error AE, AC, and 13E? The listed error codes appear in case of an interruption of communication between the control boards, whose function is to receive information from numerous sensors, process it and give commands to the executing mechanisms.


The error can be corrected by disconnecting the unit from the mains. If it was a one-time failure, the machine will operate normally when restarted.


In the case when after disconnection the code is displayed on the screen again, it is necessary to call a master for precise diagnostics.


Control system malfunctions


What do codes 6E, Eb, bE, bE1, bE2, bE3 indicate? On models without display, in case of this error, all washing mode lights and all temperature indicators, except 60°C, turn on.


There are several reasons for this error:


– Trouble with the triac, which is responsible for the operation of the machine’s motor. Normally, it turns it on and off and sets the desired number of revolutions.

– Abnormalities in the operation of the washing machine buttons.

Problems in the control module.

– You can try to fix the error yourself. First, disconnect the machine from the mains and turn it on again. If restarting helped – it was a one-time error.


Figures on the display can indicate that one of the buttons on the control panel is stuck or, on the contrary, there is no contact. To fix the problem, you should wiggle the buttons several times or hold them depressed. The indicated coding may indicate overloading of the electrical outlet or its malfunction. When replaced with a new one, the machine starts working well again.


If you still did not manage to recognize the cause of this breakdown by all the points provided above, or if you do not want to waste time guessing, North Country Appliance Repair Service is always happy to help you and provide a professional diagnosis and repair of your washer in a timely manner.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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