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Causes you can fix yourself
If after washing there are dark, gray, or black stains on the laundry, the reason may be the irregular care of the machine or its absence. This causes the formation of:

– Dirt and mold in the cuff fold,
– Mildew in the powder tray,
– Dirt in the pump filter.

Dirty Cuff
Dirty water gets into the fold of the rubber part and stagnates. If you do not regularly wipe the cuff dry, and also close the door of the washing machine immediately after removing the laundry, a dirty deposit quickly forms on the cuff and begins to grow mold.

Moldy tray
The detergent dispenser is also in constant contact with water. If it and the installation site are not taken care of, these parts of the machine quickly become covered with mold fungus. When washing, dirt, and mold get on things in the drum and stain the laundry with gray or black stains. Also, clothes begin to smell bad, even when you use the air conditioner.

Dirty filter
Debris, dirt, and mold can build up there. In washers with a simple drain pump, a dirty filter causes a bad smell. And in models with a recirculation pump, it is also a source of stains (dirt from the filter falls directly on the laundry in the tank when the pump is running).

Regular maintenance can help with these problems:
– Take the tray out of the machine after every wash, rinse and dry. Also, wipe down the tray recess so that there is no buildup on its walls.
– Wipe the cuffs dry after using the machine, and keep the washing door open after washing.
– Clean the pump filter regularly when taking care of the machine. Wash it every time after washing wool and hairy fabrics. If you wash smooth natural and synthetic fabrics, it is enough to clean the filter once a month.

For the prevention of dirt, and to remove odor, once every 3-6 months it is recommended to run the washing mode without laundry with citric acid at 90 degrees, If you have not done this for a long time, repeat the “citric acid cleaning” twice.
When preventive cleaning does not help and stains on the clothes appear again after washing, then there is a serious malfunction and you need to repair the equipment.

Faults in which the washing machine stains the laundry
The following are the main breakdowns that specialists with North Country Appliance Repair Company have encountered during repairs.

A metal object got into the tank
Bra bones that have popped out are often caught in the washer. As well as coins, nails, screws, nuts, bolts, lady’s pins and bobby pins left in pockets of clothes. This metal junk settles to the bottom of the tank, rusts from dampness, and stains the water. And it leaves brown-yellow and rusty stains on things.
Signs: Washing machine leaves brown, rusty, orange, or yellow stains on clothes. Noise or crackling in the drum of the machine was heard a month or two ago.

Leaking drum packing
The oil seal serves as a gasket between the drum and the bearing on the shaft. It protects and seals the bearing from water. It uses grease to make it slide better. Over time, the gland wears out, dries out, and loses its seal. Water begins to wash out the grease and bring it into the tank and drum of the machine. Therefore, grease stains appear on the clothes after washing (black, gray, dark), in the form of droplets or large blots.
Leaking oil seal also affects the bearings, which rust and fail.
Dark oil, black, gray stains. There may be grinding or increased noise when the washer is running, especially on the spin.

The recirculation pump and the tube to the tank are dirty
If you are a stranger to care measures for your washing machine, then the pump housing and the entire circulation path gradually accumulate dirt similar to sewage. It can not be removed even by cleaning the machine with citric acid. Through the tube through which the pump pumps water into the tank, the dirt gets into the drum of the machine and stains things.
Signs: Dark, black, gray stains on things after a washing machine with a circulating pump

If your machine is staining things due to a breakdown, contact our service.

North Country Appliance Repair Company discusses and repairs all brands and types of washing machines in San Diego. Call North Country Appliance Repair Company or fill out an online repair request. Choose a repair time that suits you best.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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