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Worn bearings initially cause the washing machine to hum during operation. If they are not changed in time, the bearings will be destroyed. This leads to the fact that what happens with the drum shakes and will cause increased shaking of the machine.

If this happens with the replacement of broken bearings and continuing to use the washing machine – it will fail. What shall I do? Disassemble and change.

Stage 1: Preparation

First, remove the upper part of the casing – the cover. They are attached to the case using two screws located at the back. When the screws are out – slide the cover to the side – towards the back of the machine – and remove it, then remove the dispenser by pressing the latch.

Now remove the control unit by unscrewing the self-tapping screws. Open the hatch and remove the outer collar of the cuff, and then the cuff itself.

Twist the lock: put your hand inside the machine between the wall of the machine and the cuff and unscrew the two fixing screws. Separate the blocking block from the inside of the washing machine wall.

Remove all remaining fasteners and remove the front part of the case. In order not to return to disassembly again, unscrew the back part of the machine.

Disconnect the dispenser from the pipe that is connected to the tank of the washing machine: remove everything that interferes and release the clamp. After that, it is necessary to remove the counterweight by unscrewing the bolts.
Now you need to remove the water heater from the machine. Like the counterweight, it can be located both behind and in front. Usually, the heating part is fastened with one nut: loosen it and push in the screw. Then, using a flat screwdriver, pry up the heater and take it out.

The heater is disconnected – it is the turn of the pipe, which is fixed to the water tank. To remove the nozzle, disconnect the clamps and the wires if they are attached to the tank.

Now disconnect the drive belt, which is behind the washing machine. We separate the wires leading to the washing machine motor from the connector. Now you need to unscrew the motor fix bolts and get the motor.

After removing the motor, it is necessary to twist the shock absorber fasteners, and then separate the shock absorbers from the lower part of the wall of the washing machine and disconnect the springs. When this is done – carefully remove the tank.

Stage 2: disassembling the tank

Put the tank on the table, take a marker and mark the location of the cuff, and then disconnect it so as not to damage the rubber during further manipulations.
Unscrew the pulley mount and try to press down on the tank shaft to sink it into the tank. If you can’t do it by hand, use a rubber mallet.

Remember: an ordinary iron hammer will break the tank.

Now you will need to disassemble the washing machine tank in two: parts of this component are usually fixed with screws and/or latches. Have you figured it out? Take out the drum of the machine and carefully examine the small details: the shaft, the cross, as well as the bushings. Clean them of scale.

WARNING! If the washing machine was often turned on when the bearings were broken, small elements could become unusable: a worn shaft will not allow the oil seal to retain water, and the cross or bushings will crack if the bearings are worn. If the replacement is not done in time, it will lead to the fact that these parts also need to be changed.

Stage 3: replacement of bearings

Use a hammer and blunt chisel to knock the bearings out of the tank. Be careful not to break the tank. To avoid damage, place the tank on a soft pillow or blanket. The oil seal should fall out together with the bearings. If this did not happen – get it.

Important: the places where the bearings of the washing machine connect to the tank should be cleaned of dirt and lubricated with lithium-based oil. This will add “life force” to the technique.

Armed with the same chisel and hammer, hammer in new bearings. Install the oil seal and coat it with lithium-based engine oil.

Assemble the tank and treat the gasket, as well as the seam with a waterproof sealant.

That’s all. All that remains is to assemble the machine again.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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