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Did the washer start to “dance” too much during the operation? This is due to the fact that it was installed incorrectly, or the parts of the unit are damaged. An uneven floor, unbalanced laundry packed in the drum, broken bearings – all this can cause the washing machine to jump and knock a lot when washing or spinning. In the article, we considered 6 reasons why the device twitches during operation. Read on to learn how to reduce vibration and what to do about it.


The instability of the washing machine


When the washing machine stands on a curved or slippery surface that is not adjusted, it “jumps” and vibrates strongly. This leads to an imbalance in the machinery mechanism. At a minimum, the machine will fall and half will flood. At a maximum – it will break or damage the surface on which it is installed, for example, it will break a tile.




Overhaul – floor leveling – optional. The stability of the washing machine is added by an even rigid podium – a stand, which is covered with a rubber anti-vibration mat.


You will also need to properly adjust the legs of the equipment: they must be screwed/unscrewed into the case until the device is level. Put the construction level on the case and orientation on it. When you finish the adjustment, put the rubber anti-vibration nozzles on the legs. They will provide even greater stability to the device.


WARNING! A weak wooden floor made of old boards can cause equipment breakdown. Here, one type of quotation and adjustment cannot be dispensed with: a vibrating machine, even if it is installed flat, will break old boards. There are two ways out rearranging the floor or moving the washing machine to another room with a more reliable surface.


Were the screws removed?


Tank fixing bolts serve to protect the tanks during transportation: they are installed on the fasteners and prevent them from hitting the walls of the device. If the fasteners for transportation have not been removed, then in the best case, the machine will not start washing. In the worst case, the main parts will start to wear out, and the washing machine will make a lot of noise and shake when spinning. If you do not remove the “lockers” in time, the equipment will break.


The distribution of the laundry in the drum is incorrect

Disturbance of balance inside the drum leads to strong vibration. Unevenly distributed things that lie in a “lump” in the compartment cause an overload of the washing machine, which leads to the breakdown of parts. Improperly laid clothes do not rub against each other, but roll in the drum like a ball, so it is worse to wash off.


And if the clothes are washed together with the duvet cover, then part of the things will definitely end up inside it, which is why the washing machine’s centrifuge cannot distribute the weight evenly: the machine starts to “convulse”.


What shall I do


First of all, you need to interrupt the spinning, lay out the laundry, and lay out each element carefully. In order to avoid rapid wear of the machine’s components, clothes must be placed evenly in the drum each time.


To help the technique, each item should be folded into an accordion before washing: it will fall apart during washing. Then each element will need to be placed in a drum in a circle.


Important: underwear, for example, a bra with an underwire, should be placed in a special container or bag: the underwire may not fall out and pierce the drum.


If the item is large, for example, a sheet or duvet cover, it is better to put it horizontally in the drum compartment of the washing machine. So that the buttons do not fall off during pressing and do not damage the machine, it is better to turn things inside out. Another option is to fix them with tape. It is also beneficial if the hardware is metal: rusty spots will not appear on the clothes.


Tip: try to sort the laundry so that small things are washed together with large ones, for example, a down jacket with a blouse, and a warm cardigan with a thin skirt. Big things often unbalance the technique, preventing an even distribution of weight, and adding “little things” helps to restore balance. This reduces the load on the bearings and prevents their premature wear.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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