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Climate class


All refrigerators are oriented to work in certain external conditions. Models are available for different operating temperatures and are labeled differently.


N – for operation in living rooms. The ambient temperature ranges from +60.8 to +89.6 degrees.

SN – for use in non-residential areas where the temperature should not be below +50 degrees and not above +89.6 degrees.

ST – for use in areas with hot climates. The upper-temperature limit should not be greater than +64.4 to +100.4 degrees.

T – Designed for use in high-temperature environments from +64.4 to +109.4 degrees.


You should roughly adhere to these guidelines when choosing a refrigerator. If your unit fails prematurely, you can expect free repairs under warranty.


Type of defrosting


In the past, all refrigerators had a drip defrosting device. Many people remember how, when the refrigerator was turned off, water flowed through a drain hole in the back wall into a small container mounted above the compressor. The reservoir was supposed to evaporate water from the heat of the compressor.


Modern models are equipped with the revolutionary No Frost system. It creates circulating air in the chambers, preventing the formation of ice on the inner surfaces. The effect is achieved by the work of the built-in electric heaters.


On the newest models, you can see the Full No Frost sign. It means that all the chambers are equipped with separate defrosting systems and there is no need for a special defrosting procedure.


The No Frost system has significant disadvantages. These include increased noise and vibration, as well as dehydration of the food stored in the refrigerator.


The manufacturers insist on regular washing and cleaning of the refrigerator’s internal surfaces, even if it is not necessary to defrost.


Choosing a refrigerator on the noise level


When choosing a refrigerator model to be purchased, one of the main indicators is the noise level. It directly depends on the type and quantity of compressors.


The most popular are units with one compressor. Accordingly, the noise level from them will be less. The presence of two compressors is very convenient for the separate regulation of compartment modes. But the noise from such models will be more.


Compressors that automatically turn on and off – linear type – make more noise. Inverter motors, running continuously, make less noise but must be equipped with systems to protect against voltage fluctuations.


For the average consumer, it is enough to know that the normal noise level of a refrigerator is considered to be no more than 40 decibels.


Energy Efficiency Factor


The refrigerator is one of the few household appliances that constantly consumes electricity. That’s why its energy efficiency rating is important. You can find out how much it costs to operate a refrigerating unit from the product data-sheet. It indicates the annual power consumption for a particular model. By multiplying this value by the cost of electricity, you can get an approximate figure for the annual cost.


For more advanced users, the energy efficiency class is indicated on refrigerators. We will not go deep into this issue. It is enough to know that the classes are denoted by English letters, starting from A and ending with the letter G. The most economical is A, and the one with the lowest energy efficiency is marked with the letter G.


There are intermediate designations between classes, marked with a “+” in addition to the letter.


Additional functions


Manufacturers strive to satisfy the needs of customers as much as possible. Therefore, they equip their products with additional functions that increase the attractiveness of the sold equipment. These include:


– signal that alerts you to the unopened door;

– A system that retains cold in the event of a power outage;

– A device that allows foods to be quickly frozen;

– A device that allows you to get portions of ice;


The economy system, allows the freezer to work in normal mode during the temporary absence of consumers, and to reduce cooling in the refrigerator compartment.


The choice of additional functions is left to the customer.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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