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Washing machine, which is able to get rid of dirt not only on clothes but also most of the textile accessories of our home, today almost everyone has. Many modern washing machines in addition to the standard washing programs included in the software of any such machine, are equipped with a number of additional functions, depending directly on the size and price of a particular model. The availability of a particular washing mode, in turn, makes the use of the machine more efficient, and the result is of higher quality. Unfortunately, not all owners of washing machines are sufficiently aware of all their capabilities. Consider today some of the most popular features of this device.


Secrets of the washing machine – its little-known functions


Option “Washing with steam” is designed for a kind of ironing clothes by removing from it the most pronounced creases and jams, as well as the destruction of bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms deposited during wear on the surface. Some models of washing machines have a simple washing mode combined with a steam treatment mode. This allows not only a higher quality washing of dirt, but significantly reduces the amount of water and detergent required for this purpose.


The Quick Wash option will appeal to those who do not like to wait long. The work of the unit when using it takes no more than half an hour. Most of the washing machine modes take quite a long time (on average, from one and a half to three hours, without pre-soaking), if the owner does not have it, he can use the mode with short cycles.


Some models of machines provide a special mode for down products – with it, you can effortlessly wash a blanket, jacket, and even your favorite pillow. If you can not find such a special mode on your machine, you can perform the washing of down products as follows – first, select a mode with a water temperature not exceeding 30 degrees, and then perform an additional rinse and a gentle spin.


Washing stuffed toys can be done in a similar way. To further protect the toy from the wind you can put it in a pillowcase or special bag during the wash. Clothing and all removable accessories should be removed from the toys before washing.


Sports shoes are washed only in cold water – so there is a much better chance of preserving their original appearance. For extra softness of this wash, you can put an old terry towel in the drum together with the shoes. The insoles and laces of the shoes are previously removed. They are washed separately.


Deferred washing mode is a very convenient function for those who, for example, are used to washing at night or are afraid to forget to turn on the machine with pre-prepared laundry. When using this option, it is enough to load laundry and detergent into the drum, as well as to set the time after which the machine should start washing and leave it plugged in. All the rest the machine will do by itself – you will only have to take out the clean laundry from the drum and finish drying it.


Auto determination of washing parameters


With certain models of washing machines, this option is called “Mixed fabrics”. After selecting it, the unit itself determines the weight of the laundry, which is in the drum, calculates the required amount of water and time, and performs the washing according to the independently set parameters.


Drum Parking

This function is extremely important for models with vertical loading. After the washing process is completed, the drum lid moves to the upper position, which makes it easier to load and unload the laundry.


Anti-drip system

Completely eliminates the drainage of water from the drum in the event of machine failure. Many modern washing machines are fitted with this feature.


Anti-crush feature

This feature will especially appeal to those who are not particularly fond of ironing. However, it should be taken into account that even after its use, the condition of the received thing far from always allows you to do without ironing.


Control of drum balancing

The option is present in many machines. In most cases, it is called “imbalance control”. When it is used, the microprocessor of the machine makes a periodic weighing of the laundry in the drum and rotates it so. To distribute this weight over it as evenly as possible. The software will not allow the machine to enter the spin stage until the weight distribution over the drum has been adjusted.


Self-diagnosis of malfunctions


Many buyers, buying a washing machine in the house, are in the belief that nothing will happen to their unit. But as the saying goes, “God takes care of the well”, so it is still better than this function is present in the model you have purchased. Then, in the case of malfunction, you may not need a technician – the device will make a diagnosis of the failure itself and fix it if possible.


Self-cleaning function


Present in many modern models. It is a special program used to run the drum without laundry. This run is necessary to remove the dirt accumulated in the machine during the washing process. Moreover, the presence or absence of this function does not affect the cost of the device. Start the mode by pressing a special button or in automatic mode (characteristic of models of certain manufacturers).

Air bubble wash


When washing laundry in this mode, the laundry is placed on the bottom of the drum and tiny air bubbles are passed through it through special holes. The bubbles penetrate the fabric, acting on it mechanically and thereby removing its dirt. This form of washing is considered to be more economical than the simple one. However, it should be remembered that bubble washing is only possible in soft water. Ordinary tap water is not soft enough for this type of washing, so it will have to be softened artificially.


When you buy a washing machine, first familiarize yourself with the functions that it is ready to “offer” you. The number can vary – some models have up to 24 different modes. When choosing, stop at the option with the number of functions that is most relevant to you personally, since each additional function will only increase the cost of the device and may turn out to be completely unnecessary as a result.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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