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Not every apartment or house can find modern refrigeration equipment that makes noise within acceptable levels – up to 40 dB. Sometimes owners of old, but reliable models continue to use them, not paying attention to the humming compressor. 


You should react differently if the noise is made by more modern models of well-known manufacturers – for example, Bosch or Samsung. If the noise becomes noisy only after starting the disconnected device – this is also normal. But when the new refrigerator continues to work loudly periodically or constantly, it is worth looking into the problem, focusing on the nature of the noise and the situations in which it usually appears.


Fan malfunction


This cause is typical for units that use No Frost technology, such as a Bosch refrigerator. Some models are equipped with two fans (LG refrigerator). One provides air circulation in the freezer, and the second – is in the refrigerator chamber. Over time, the bearing grease dries out, the fan begins to vibrate and the refrigerator hums heavily. If the electric heater malfunctions, ice forms on the evaporator, and the blades catch on it, making unpleasant sounds.


To get rid of ice on the evaporator – the refrigerator or one chamber (if the model with two cooling circuits) will have to defrost. The defrosting process should last at least 12 hours, even if the ice melts earlier. During this time you can check the presence of oil in the bearings and add it if necessary.


The nature of the sound


To determine the cause of the noise, you can focus on the nature of the noise. Listening to the humming of machinery, you can distinguish these types of sounds:


A hum or howl that resembles the noise of a blizzard. Refrigerators begin to howl because of the compressor. The noise is supplemented by the vibration of the cabinet and other parts. With double-compressor refrigerators like Liebherr SBS 7252, the hum continues longer.


A strange sound resembling gurgling or gurgling. Sometimes the appliances start hissing, mooing, or grunting – most often the sound is heard when the compressor is turned on. It happens that way because new refrigerants are noisier in comparison with the old brands of R12 and R134a.


Whistling. The whistling of the refrigerators can be caused by the catching of ice by the fan blades – the problem appears if defrost models are without No Frost mode for a long time.


Whirring. Causes of the sound is a blown evaporator heater in the freezer. Because of the formation of a large amount of ice, the motor begins to constantly buzz and rattle loudly.


Clicks. The cause is the operation of temperature relays. Usually, they do not pay attention to them. But, if the refrigerator clicks harder, the technique can signal a problem, for the elimination of which the relays are changed.


Monotone broadband noise. The cause is most likely a fan.


A ringing and rattling sound. The refrigerator may rattle or jingle when not properly positioned.


Important: Some refrigerators may rattle if they are installed too close to walls or heating radiators. The problem is solved for any refrigerator by moving it far enough away from them. And owners of inexpensive models can face a small crackle due to the expansion and contraction of the plastic walls of the refrigerating chamber.


Faults of elements of the electric circuit


If the refrigerator hums, but does not freeze and does not start, and no visible reasons are detected, it is necessary to look for them in the electrical equipment:


If the starting protection relay is faulty, the unit rattles like a tractor when the compressor starts and stops after a few seconds. It is not difficult to replace the relay yourself or, if you are not skilled, call North Country Appliance Repair Company.


There is a short in the windings of the electric fan motor between the coils. Therefore, the motor can not pick up speed, although it intensely hums. A similar picture can be seen with current leakage to the housing due to damaged insulation or high humidity. It is necessary to check the windings with an ohmmeter for short circuits and insulation resistance value (it must be not less than 1 mOhm). The faulty fan in both cases must be replaced. However, if the problem is only in the damp insulation, after drying its resistance is restored.


The refrigerator can also hum because of similar problems with the compressor motor. To make sure that it works, it is enough to touch the body with your hand. If the hand tolerates – the motor is fine. Otherwise, you need to replace it together with the compressor, as they are in one hermetic case.


The burnout of an electric heater under the evaporator causes ice crust to build up on it, which has good insulating properties. Therefore, part of the freon enters the compressor in liquid form, which forces it to work at the maximum power, from which the refrigerator strongly grinds and clatters. The prolonged work in such mode can end with a hydraulic shock and replacement of the compressor or even the whole refrigerator.


If you check the heater with an ohmmeter and the device shows a breakage – it is not difficult to replace it with your own hands.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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