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During the operation of washing machines, users are repeatedly faced with various malfunctions in the equipment. Often there are many reasons why the washing machine does not spin or a system failure in the electronic control.


Causes of the absence of spinning and their removal


The washing machine has a simple design, but often parts wear out and fail. As a consequence, a number of breakdowns can occur, when the appliances stop performing the functions of their electronic system.


One of the basic problems which can arise during operation is poor-quality wringing or its total absence. Faced with the problem of no spin can be even the owners of brand new washing machines. Let us consider the possible causes in more detail.


#1 – washing laundry without spinning


Modern models of machines are equipped with a large number of options, and innovative technologies that allow you to take out of the drum the washed items absolutely dry or, conversely, wet.


If you find that the items have not passed the spinning procedure, you should check the “no spin” button. It is possible that the no-spin function was accidentally enabled when selecting the program.


#2 – an imbalance of the loaded laundry in the drum


Expensive washing machines have more features and options for economical and efficient washing. One of the extra features – distributing the loaded items inside the drum – helps prevent the items from bunching up into a single lump.


In the absence of such a function, washing machines can fail during the running program.


#3 – problem with the drain pump


In this case, the spinning process takes place, but the waste water is not discharged into the drain. Thus, things remain wet after unscrewing. To fix the breakdown, it is necessary to replace the pump (pump).


Consider how the pump is replaced in machines brands Samsung, Whirpool, LG, etc.


To do this, it is necessary:


– Disconnect the technique from all sources: power, water, and drain.

– Set the body of the product in the side position.

– Disconnect the bottom to gain access to the pump.

– Unscrew the screws, and pull out the pump by pressing it from the side of the drain valve.

– Disconnect wires from the pump.

– Remove the clamps, and drain the remaining water into a pre-prepared container.

– After that, it is necessary to disassemble the pump, remove and clean the volute (if it is suitable), and replace the pump. In the end, it is necessary to assemble all parts in reverse order.


#4 – Faulty or worn water level sensor


The spinning mode may not turn on if the water inlet and outlet sensor are broken.


If there is an incorrect signal, then the spin will not turn on and the sensor must be replaced.


# 5 – control system malfunctions


The electronic or mechanical control system may malfunction after sudden changes in electricity, due to the long life of the equipment, and stabilizer failure.


Breakdown of the revolution control sensor is quite rare, but in its presence, the machine performs poor-quality spinning. In this case, you will need to reprogram the control system or replace the board.


# 6 – failure of the electric motor


When the motor breaks down, the spin function in the product does not turn on at all. The cause of motor failure can be faulty winding, breakage, or wear of lamellae or brushes. To repair this unit, you will need to disassemble the washing machine and remove and inspect the motor.


How to determine motor failure:


– If the motor sparks when you check it, it is necessary to urgently replace the brushes;

– if there is a strong noise and overheating of the equipment, the cause may be a violation of the integrity of the winding;

– Flaking and burring of the lamellae may also cause sparks.


The lamellas should be checked at the same time as the graphite brushes when disassembling.


The order in which the damage is repaired is as follows:


– It is necessary to disconnect the machine – disconnect the drain, water pipes, and power supply.

– Carry out disassembly of the product: remove the back panel and belts.

– Unscrew all the screws that fix the motor.

– Disconnect the terminals and the wiring that connects to the rest of the nodes.

– If the tank prevents free access to the motor, you need to lift it slightly.

– Different models have different structures, so you will need to remove the sides of the machine to successfully remove the motor.


Next, you should replace the broken parts or tighten their fasteners for normal functioning.


After the manipulations are performed, you should install the repaired motor, assemble the washing machine in the correct sequence, and check its operation.


#7 – clogged sewage outlet


If the reason is not a breakdown of parts or malfunction of the electronic control system, then it may be that the pipes for draining the wastewater into the sewer are clogged.


It may be necessary to clean the spigot with a cable. If the fault is found, then the machine will work properly and stale debris will come out of the tube.


# 8 – Debris in the drain device


If the spin function in the washing machine does not work or there are any failures in the process of starting the procedure of unscrewing things, it is necessary to check for foreign objects in the drain element.


The part is located at the bottom of the machine. It is recommended to clean the drain filter at least twice a year. In the case of the detection of malfunctions in the operation, the equipment should be cleaned immediately.


If you find malfunctions in the washing machine related to the spin function, it is recommended to immediately make a diagnosis of the product.


Attention should be paid if:


– the appliance has stopped spinning the laundry well (remains wet);

– water remains in the tank even after turning on the pump;

– spinning is quite noisy.


It is also recommended to regularly clean the washing machine, all the nodes, and filters, to prevent possible damage or clogging.


If you still did not manage to recognize the cause of this breakdown by all the points provided above, or if you do not want to waste time guessing, North Country Appliance Repair Service is always happy to help you and provide a professional diagnosis and repair of your washer in a timely manner.


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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home. We are pleased to offer a 90-day labor warranty to all customers after we repair an appliance.

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